Team Sets Initial Module Design

Our first game module scenario involves laborers at the dam, specifically the “high-scaler” job of swinging from the canyon rim by ropes, drilling holes in the rock face with 44-pound jackhammers, and setting dynamite in the holes for blasting.

Employment office: In order to gain access to the damsite, the player must acquire an ID card. In order to do this, they will need to go to the employment office where they will find a series of primary documents regarding jobs, wages, medical coverage, terms of work, and so forth. There, the player will have to pass the “employment exam,” which is based on the information they find in the primary documents. After passing the exam, the player is issued their ID card (a recreation of the actual ID cards issued for dam workers) and can proceed to the construction site by correctly interpreting a map on the wall at the employment office. Once they accomplish this, they can use their PDA to transport themselves to the rim of the canyon.

Canyon rim: In explaining how visitors viewed the construction progress from the rim of the canyon, Marc Reisner wrote in his acclaimed book Cadillac Desert (1993), “There was usually a long moment of silence, a moment when visitors groped for something to say, something that expressed proper awe and reverence for the half-formed monstrosity they saw. The site defied description, it defied belief.” This is where VR can provide an unparalleled experience. The user will be able to take in the full panorama of the damsite. Once there, they will be required to descend over the canyon rim to retrieve the photograph from a high-scaler. The high-scaler jobs were very dangerous and some elements of danger will be in the game as well. For example, players can be hit by falling objects or slip off the rope. (In other future scenarios players can be stricken by food or carbon monoxide poisoning, drowning in the river, or other dangers). Once they get the photograph, they can return to Davis’ cabin to place the photograph back in the album, which will open a new mission.

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